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Style is important, and consistently applied, provides the reader with common visual cues about the content no matter what page they are looking at.
What is CMS?
Why choose a content management website ?
  • Using a content management system (CMS) means that your website becomes a dynamic information medium versus a static brochure type webpage.
  • Content can be updated regularly and easily by an authorised person.
  • A basic skill in text editing is all that’s required to perform the update.
  • The website can be updated from anywhere, once you have access to the internet.
  • Navigation Menu items can be easily added or modified.
  • Photos can be uploaded easily, and added to the content pages when loaded by the user.
  • A search box which can quickly search the whole site.
  • CMS does very well in ranking with search engines, making it easy for them to find your site
  • Content managed website are very cost effective, as most of the changes are done by the owner.
  • If updated frequently, it acts like a newspaper where people will regularly come back to find information on events, and issues.
  • Through a login process, you can restrict what different user types have access to.
  • Joomla is open source, so its not owned by any company which can disappear, ensuring ongoing support.
  • Joomla code is tuned with (SEO), to help search engines find and catalog you site more readily, so users can find you more easily.
  • Because it is open source it is being improved and upgraded frequently
  • Its now being used by thousands of people worldwide as their webpage framework.
  • Because it built around templates, its cost effective to change the look, to a different one, and you won’t have to loose any of the content!
  • You can keep track of activity on the site on a per page basis, and can even see who is online at any time.

Sample template