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Technical Info Domains

A domain is and address used by the internet, so that users online can find it. There is usually a domain registration/rental charge for this address, which must be paid annually. It is nothing to do with the website hosting, and should not be confused with hosting.

The simplest route to registration, is allowing the hosting company to manage the registration all in one simple transaction.

Like hosting, the domain registration can take place anywhere, so some clients like to handle the domain hosting themselves. In order to tell the domain registration location, where the website is, some settings need to be applied to the domain register, and sometimes some technical support between the hosting and the registration companies may be required.

For Irish domains ('.ie'), the client company must provide some additional verification details that they have a vested interest in that domain, and this may take some days to clear. Generally there are a limited number of Irish companies who will manage '.ie' registration, and foreign hosting companies will not.



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