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Technical Info Security

The framework uses password encryption . That means that nobody gets to see the user's password.

However passwords are only as good as what the user decides to put in. What constitutes a good password is outside the scope of this document, but there's lots of good information on the web describing how best to derive your password.

Like any standard website, nothing is absolutely secure, and a good motto, is to apply a level of security appropriate for the data you are protecting, and the interest which hackers might have in acquiring it. If for example the web page is being used for money transactions, the level of security used by Joomla, would probably not be good enough. Additional security through a secure socket layer would be advised in that situation.

However additional security involves additional cost, and will affect performance, so there is always a trade off.

If there are specific security concerns, or requirements, please don't hesitate to talk to us at eZiWeb.

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